Ethical policies

  • We are happy to confirm all our business is conducted with integrity from start to finish so you can have total confidence in our products and workmanship. We are reliable and dependable.
  • We love working in 18 carat Scottish gold and particularly love making Scottish Gold wedding rings which we can supply in either 100% 18 carat Scottish gold or 10% 18 carat Scottish gold.
  • Our jewellery is made to first class standards.
  • We deal with everyone – suppliers, employees, customers – fairly, respectfully and with integrity.
  • We always pay our suppliers on time..
  • In the unusual event of a complaint we will do our utmost to resolve the matter quickly and fairly.
  • We pay our taxes on time and in full. We do not operate tax avoidance schemes.
  • We always follow all Health and Safety regulations whether mandatory or advisory.